Mr. Roshan Lal Bakshi
Residing in Apna Ghar Shalimar since May 2011.
It is a gated community provided with 24 hr security with CC TV surveillance. We, residents live here like a joined family. We celebrate all festivals together. The lush green parks make it very peaceful and soothing environment to live. All facilities offered by the company are being delivered. We feel good and safe here. It is lovely to watch children playing in the play grounds. Women and children are safe here. They can go out for walks in the mornings and evenings. It is pleasant to go for a walk in the evenings because of the secure environment.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Dutt.
Residing in Apna Ghar Shalimar
We have been living here in Shalimar for the past two and a half years. We love the environment here. We do not have any problems here. We feel safe and secure even when we go out. The security facility is excellent here. They have built several parks here for residents living here in different blocks. The parks are nice, green and spacious. It feels really good to see the children play in the parks. We celebrate all occasions together in Shalimar with our neighbours. We get a chance to spend time with them. It is a good feeling. We are happy with the company. We don’t have any problems related to water, electricity and security. In case there is any problem, the customer service provided by THD takes care of it right away.

Mr. Rajkumar Arora. Age: 59
Residing in Apna Ghar Shalimar
We have been living here for 3 years now. We are happy to live here. Shalimar offers us the best security, best environment, good customer service, peaceful environment and beautiful and pleasant evenings. My whole family is very happy here. My other relatives are also happy with the environment and they are also interested in buying flats in AGS. We are fully satisfied with AGS & with THD. All facilities are available here. We celebrate all programs and festivals together with other residents and THD people.

Mr. Om Prakash Rajoriya.
Residing in Apna Ghar Shalimar . Living time 2 Years. 4 Members in my family.
THD provides the best security services compared to other real estate companies in Alwar district. They have provided us with spacious green parks in AGS. THD has also provided us many facilities like water, 24 power back-up and security. It feels very nice here especially in the evenings because children, women and old-aged men are safe here and they enjoy their walk in the evenings. The company staff is very friendly and they are always ready to help us whenever there is a problem. We enjoy healthy relationship with the residents of Shalimar, THD staff members and our neighbours. We are fully satisfied with THD. This is a peaceful environment and we all celebrate all festivals and occasions like Holi, Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. together as a family.

Mr. Dilip Singh Yadav.
Residing in Apna Ghar Shalimar
THD provides us the best security service in comparison to other companies like Wonder Heights, Veera Garden, etc. Evenings are very beautiful here as the children play in the parks. It is a good feeling to watch senior citizens walking and children playing in the parks. We feel safe and secure living here due to the provision of 24 hr security service. THD also provides us 24 hr water supply, power back-up and the buses come here to pick and drop the children from school. It is very convenient for us. Shalimar is just a 5 minutes drive from the main city. We celebrate all functions and festivals together. We are fully satisfied with THD.